associate contracting

We provide a contracting scheme to many of the best security companies around the globe thanks to our Associate Consulting Services.

consultancy research

Our consultants provide professional Penetration Testing Services, Software Vulnerability Assessments, Security Research, Reverse Engineer and Exploit Development as part of our core-services.

training mentoring

As part of our Training Services and in addition to our main training courses we are developing a security mentoring program for talented people associated with the industry.

Providing leading security training

Our knowledge to you,

We understand that organisations and individuals need constant training to adapt to the fast moving security industry.

Our vast experience in consultancy and research has given us the edge in producing the best security courses providing real attack scenarios, examples, labs to practise and a variety of tools to achieve excellence in training and acquisition of knowledge.

It's always been clear to us that teaching doesn't translate directly into learning. This is why our experienced trainers are constantly adapting our materials to provide not only cutting-edge research but easy-to-follow real examples from your day-to-day activities as developers, managers, consultants and/or researchers.

Our main training courses overview

Web-Sec 01 Web Application Security 101

Web Applications Technologies // Identifying Security Vulnerabilities through pen testing // Tools and Environment Setup for Security Audits // OWASP top 10 // Web App Assessment Methodologies and Automation // Common Web Vulnerabilities such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site scripting, risks and attack vectors.

Web-Sec 02 Advanced Web Application

Advanced Pen testing // Discovering logic flaws and security vulnerabilities through manual inspection // Scripts and exploits development to assess bespoke and complex web applications // Advanced SQL Injection exploitation // Reversing Web Applications clients to discover hidden vulnerabilities.

Bespoke Training Program

We offer in house security training for IT departments and can help you to prepare a bespoke program around your specific needs. We have a vast experience in training security teams, account managers, developers and even trainees consultants. We believe that this is the most cost and time effective way to raise your organisation’s security levels and competence.

Soft-Sec 01 – Software Security Assessment

Secure Development Life Cycle - Developing Secure Applications // Tools and Environment Setup for Security Audits // Code Auditing - Identifying vulnerabilities through source code inspection // Memory management, data types and malformed data vulnerabilities // Grey Box assessments. Dissecting applications. Static and Dynamic analysis

Soft-Sec 02 – Software Vulnerability Research and Exploits Development

Identifying Security Vulnerabilities through Debugging & Reversing // Binary Patch analysis to discover hidden vulnerabilities // Exploiting Software Vulnerabilities - Windows - OSX - *nix // Writing & Debugging exploits - Bypassing DEP - ASLR and other mitigations techniques // The art of Returned Oriented Programming - ROP

Mob-Sec – Mobile Security Design & Assessment

Developing Secure Mobile Applications // Tools and Environment Setup for Security Audits & Mobile Security Assessments // Code Auditing. Identifying vulnerabilities through source code inspection // Reverse engineering techniques on mobile applications // Identifying Security Vulnerabilities through Debugging & Reversing // Exploiting Software Vulnerabilities on ARM - iOS - Android and RIM platforms