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sysca consulting ltd... a boutique security company, which enables us to focus on our clients as individuals and target our services to their needs.

Passion for security has given us the focus to provide unrivalled technical knowledge and cutting-edge research within the security industry. Our expertise ensures our clients achieve both their business and security objectives by becoming their trusted security advisor.

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Penetration Testing Services

Web Application and Infrastructure,

We provide unrivalled Penetration Testing Services these are also known as Ethical Hacking, Vulnerability Assessments or Red Team assessments.

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Software Vulnerability Assessment

Black or Grey box approach,

Thanks to the many years spent assessing software security vulnerabilities, we have developed a wide range of tools, methodologies and frameworks that enable us to speed up the learning curve that every bespoke application needs, whether its mobile, tablet or PC.

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Security Training & Mentoring

Our experience and expertise to you,

Teaching and mentoring is a highly important aspect of our core company value. We are developing a security mentoring program for talented people associated with the industry.

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Reverse Engineering // Coding & Research

Exploit Development and Reversing,

This is a niche area within the security industry in which we are highly specialised. We provide specialised services to organisations and companies such as exploit development and reverse engineering to discover vulnerabilities, cryptographic flaws and malware behaviour.

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Highly Experienced Team

With over 20 years in the industry we are a confident team with specialists in various technologies. We are able to quickly pinpoint to our client needs and provide solutions resulting in best value for money

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Cutting-edge skills

We believe that our industry is powered by cutting-edge research and constant learning. As we are passionate about security, research comes as second nature for us providing our customers with unmatched results

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Trustworthy // Reliable

We know that the security industry is about trust and understand that an honest and collaborative approach is vital. Thus, our focus is always to become a trusted security advisor for our client organisation or company

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